VMA 2016   Balmain

2017  Bold Pearl Jewlery...  add it the attitude

of the clothes you wearing.

We  should always know that simple white shorts  bustier and a white jacket can bring

a lot of style, chic, vibe.

It is all about off shoulder, beauty of the neck

and the shoulder.

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All you need to take the inspiration of your desire, and personality and find the style

and designer and color that suits you and make

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The impression of colors sale, unique trend

show by high designers.

Street chic,   we could walk and style in a leather skinny  leather or jeans pants and

coordinate it with a nice cool top such as

jeans shirt for summer, and nice cool sun glass

let us style you.

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                                                          Celebrities Luxury fashion trend        

Milan and Paris fashion show 2016

Milan and Paris fashion show 2016

The colors that dominate the stage of 

all fashion shows.

Red Yellow Green

Vogue   summer style    ready for chic summer

Soheila Mozzafar

Girl style, fashion style, happy, fun

You can always have a white shirt , and your

mini short black skirt and make everything work for you.

Fall 2016-17

Milan and Paris fashion show 2016

Milan and Paris fashion show 2016

Sports in Fashion. As fashion creativity and style could cover itself on world fame of 

stand out style   Sport, music, film, everywhere

that there is openness of creativity and show.

This season is all about bold  accessories , 

from chanel, to Dior, and Lanvin.