Soheila Mozzafar

Services Tres Haute Chic

Luxury Fashion Brands & film

Luxury concierge

Red carpet stylist featuring the fashion of Tres Haute Chic Design or other international luxury designers.

consult and style with virtual consulting thru Facebook  zoom and more as we make the Tech our another

friend tool to connect to the world.

Each service fees will be submitted upon the request.

for individual or corporation     Email.    3126623411     9497424799

Providing custom design by Tres Haute Chic.
Personal shopper for exclusive VIP clients for unique and especial
items internationally.  TV show  Movie.

Producer and production movie   screenwriting for TV and cinema.

Très Haute Chic Paris is providing private consulting for corporation and individuals in area of Fashion and Film & luxury

fashion apps magazine and Film TV.

Luxury Connection : Private Jet , Shows  VIP assistant.

Media Production 

Production for look-book for high end magazine and editorial production for Film and Television. 


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Fashion show-VIP Access & passes